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Everybody knows that IT has a lot of potential.
We know how to seize it.


We are an expert company concentrating on building the best possible information systems for our clients. We can provide both entire information systems as well as our expertise for project phases requiring know-how in the development and use of information systems.

Our activities consist of design, development and administration of information systems.

Our staff has specialized know-how on the following areas of information systems:


Information technology contains a lot of potential, but it also contains many threats. Risks can be managed by making sensible architectural decisions and by implementing them consistently. Our experts have an exceptionally strong know-how on information security, which is based on both education and experience. Our expertise covers all the subareas of information security, from encryption technologies to information security policies.


Information technology is often not as automatized as it could be. In many organizations it is harder to work with a computer than with pen and paper. Ease of use is critical for business activities – without it there is no return on investment. We ensure ease of use with know-how in the planning stage and with usability testing in the implementation stage.


Many organizations suffer from compatibility issues and people have to perform tasks that could be easily automatized, if only the information systems of different manufacturers would work together. This issue can be solved with good architecture design and with arrangements in technology procurement. We help our clients free their information.

Our areas of technical expertise

We have worked in projects in areas including:

  • Server systems, virtualization
  • browser-based internet applications, HTML5
  • desktop applications
  • Embedded systems, device drivers, image processing (data flow compression)
  • Software packaging, distribution and mass installation
  • Smart cards, information security
  • Compatibility, performance, usability

More information in our blog

To get more details about what kind of things we currently work with, please read our blog.

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