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Custom Tailored Web Applications

Although there are plenty of ready-made software solutions, sometimes they just don’t cut it for a specific situation, such as a fresh new web-based service or a completely new business model.

Seravo can help customers by:

  • Writing software requirements and specifications for the customer
  • Searching suitable existing solutions from collections of hundreds of thousands of programs
  • Comparing different existing solutions taking the client’s requirements to account

When a program is found that most closely matches the customer’s need, Seravo can customise it to match the exact requirements. We consider this a technically and economically viable method in case the program in question is open source software.

Seravo specialises in open source software administration and development, and thus we know how to get maximum benefits to clients by using open source technologies, its ecosystems and community.

In the rare case that the customer’s needs cannot be met by using or repurposing an existing program, we will gladly create a new application from scratch.

HTML5 now!

Our strategy for new software is to create browser based HTML5 applications, because their deployment and maintenance is superior, especially in a current modern web environment with a wide variety of platforms and devices.

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Our team is highly skilled in building cross-platform web applications and web sites according to the W3C standards. HTML5 provides all the features needed for building applications of any scale. Due to the HTML5 standard, the content can be accessed from wherever, and users are not required to install additional plugins or programs.

HTML5 also brings a new way to access and interact with data. HTML5 is at it’s best in apps that deal with managing or displaying data. With tools like PhoneGap developers can implement a mobile application using HTML5 technologies, and distribute them via mobile app stores alongside traditional web sites. Great compatibility, transparency and freedom of HTML5 turn this technology into a perfect platform to build the information systems of tomorrow. Modern JavaScript, HTML and CSS are very versatile and can be used to create most imaginative applications of all sizes.


Node.js is currently Seravo’s server-side technology of choice. We also have plenty of experience from developing Python/Django- and PHP applications in the past. -By combining HTML5 technologies with Node.js, we achieve a high efficiency on the time and money invested in development. In addition, HTML 5 and Node.js are very advanced and modern technologies in regards to both high performance, security and quality.

Contact us so we can let you know all about what can be done with browser based technologies and HTML5.