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We make sure that our client's investments to IT solutions are
producing the best possible results in both short and long term.


Our operations are always based on the needs and business activities of the client.

The systems we develop can be built either by combining and tailoring off-the-shelf software, or they can be programmed for the exact needs of the client. We do not sell or represent any software product, all systems are developed and software selections are made according to the real needs of the client. The IT system has to match the client’s business activities, not the other way around.

We learn the business processes of the client so that the client doesn’t have to learn how the technology works. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the client doesn’t have to adapt to the IT system, the IT system has to be suited to the client.

Our expert services always contain a guarantee that our client’s investments into IT solutions produce the best results both in the short term and the long term. We can take into account contract law, information security, as well as compatibility between different systems. We know which technologies should be invested in and which should be avoided. We have methods to measure the user-friendliness of software and change it into comparable numbers instead of mere opinions, so that the client can be certain about receiving the best possible results.

Our operating principles:

  • we want to take pride in our work,
  • the end result has been reviewed from many different viewpoints by many of our experts,
  • the client’s situation has been understood and the client has received more than he bargained for,
  • there is no vendor lock-in.


Massively big IT projects are bound to fail, since when they finally deliver, the technology is aged and the solutions don’t match the current user needs. We practice agile methods in everything we do to get faster and better results.

The World’s Greatest Innovation Platform

There are over 200,000 software programs with freely reusable source code. We help our clients to use this innovation platform in all our projects. By using ready-made, publicly tested and audited components we can offer information systems with higher quality than our competitors and with faster delivery schedules as well as lower total costs.

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